Every sailor at some point in his sailing adventure meets the question of where and how to replace his old sails with new ones. There is nothing easier.

In the times of Internet communication, you can get a quotation for your new sails in 1 - 2 days from our sailhouse. All you have to do is send us the completed form, which you can download in PDF format from our website. Sail valuation is free and casual, so there is nothing to be afraid of - it's our job.

The forms are easy to fill out. You need to know the basic dimensions of a jib, mainsail, spinnaker or gennaker. In the absence of sails (sail), you can fill in the boxes with the dimensions of the rigging - our designer will design the optimal sail for your yacht.

The basic dimensions of the foresail and the mainsail are: luff, foot and leech.

Basic mainsail dimensions: luff and foot.

In the case of gennaker and code 0 it is important to specify the distance from the mast to the end of the pole - where the tack of the sail is attached. During a telephone conversation or e-mail correspondence, questions may be asked about the length of the yacht, the type of rigging, the water area on which the yacht sails, in order to adjust and recommend the type of fabric for making the sail and the weight of the material as well as elements of additional sail reinforcement.

It is also important whether the yacht starts in regattas or is used only for tourist sailing.

Companies selling sailing materials nowadays offer many solutions for various types of vessels.

Materials for the production of sails start with ordinary dacron and end with extremely modern solutions straight from space technologies.

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